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Academy Program

LA AcroDance Academy (Ages 3-17)

Our academy program runs seasonally from Fall-Spring. We have 2 divisions, plus recreational class options. $5 trial week for new students.

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$5 Trial Week

Our Academy Program offers a $5 trial week for all new students. Ages 3-17.

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Why LAA?


Welcome to Los Angeles AcroDance Academy!


We have a wonderful dance community and would love for you to come in to meet us. Before you do here is a little bit about what makes us a special place to dance!


AcroDance and Ballet are our main focuses, but our dancers also train in Jazz and Contemporary Techniques. 

Our Approach


We are more than just a dance studio, we’re a community. A place for life-long friendships that are supportive and healthy, and teachers who are invested in all students. At LA AcroDance, we teach our students to encourage each other and celebrate when a friend has a new accomplishment. We want to be a school where all children can come to have fun, gain confidence, and become stronger dancers. Whether they want to dance professionally, train hard, or simply just come once a week for fun, LA AcroDance is a place for all kids.




LA AcroDance Academy believes that safety comes first in everything. Advanced tricks for the sake of doing tricks is not our goal. Many studios are more concerned that a dancer can do a trick for a competition, regardless of how they do it. We will never sacrifice safety for a skill quickly learned. When done correctly, contortion and acrobatics can be as healthy for the body as yoga. We want our students to be able to continue doing these skills into their adult life so we respect their bodies and their limits, and teach injury prevention in every skill.



You can feel safe knowing that your child will get to be a child in our studio. Music content and choreography are always age-appropriate. This means 7-year-olds will never be listening to music with explicit content or language and 13-year-olds will never be dancing like adults. We believe that kids can be artistic, entertaining, and talented while still begin kids! 



If this sounds like a studio you would like your family to be apart of we would love to invite you in for a trial class! We understand that all children have different needs in a studio so if you don’t feel it’s the right fit for your child there won’t be any pressure enroll. To redeem your trial class email or give us a call at (213) 986-6362. 

“I cannot say how much my daughter LOVES her class with Ms. Ali"..."Ms. Ali teaches the right way to utilize the body's muscles and how to position it correctly! I mean, she is awesome!"..."Definitely look into it! We love it!"

Susan A. - Yelp

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