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Our Vision

Technique. Leadership. Artistry


We believe technique is the foundation of all dance. LA AcroDance Academy is certified by Acrobatic Arts, the worlds leading acrobatic curriculum and acrobatics exams. Our number one priority with acrobatics and ballet is safety and injury prevention. Our teachers are trained in their specific form of dance and are always continuing their professional development to be some of the best teachers in the industry.



Dance teaches perseverance, confidence, respect  and discipline, all the qualities of a great leader. At LA AcroDance Academy we believe acrobatics and dance go much further than just technique and great performance skills. We work to build the dancer's character through acrobatics and dance, giving students the opportunity to practice critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and community service.




All dancers are athletes, but not all athletes are dancers.
What separates dancers from athletes is the artistry. When you blend the speed, precision, strength and endurance of an athlete with the grace and emotion of dance you get the beautiful product of Acrobatics Dance. Our goal is to inspire creativity and artistic expression by cultivating young artists and preparing them for a life long appreciation of artistic beauty. 


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