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About LAA Company

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LAA Company is composed of the most dedicated and talented dancers at LA AcroDance Academy, ages 8-18. The company will have a specific focus on acrobatics dance, but dancers must also be experienced in ballet and contemporary or jazz. Performances may include community events, charity events and festivals. This Company will represent LA AcroDance Academy with their talent, dedication and character in the community. 

Ages 8-18 are eligible to audition, regardless of level. 


In addition to teaching artistry of dance and developing performance skills, this team will also be teaching dancers leadership, responsibility, discipline and teamwork. In rehearsals we won't only be teaching choreography, but also how to work with a group, how to be responsible for oneself, and resilience in challenging work. Students will also have the opportunity to work with professional choreographers from the Los Angeles dance and acrobatics community.


In order for the students to learn these skills it means parents must also be on board; If you would like more information on auditions and company/team requirements please reach out to Ms. Ali to RSVP for the audition. All dancers are welcome to audition!

Auditions on...
August 25th, 2024

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